International Tables for Crystallography

Index of the relations of the Wyckoff positions

P1 1
P -1 2
P2 3P21 4C2 5Pm 6
P c 7Cm 8Cc 9P2/m 10
P21/m 11C2/m 12P2/c 13P21/c 14
C2/c 15
P222 16P2221 17P21212 18P212121 19
C2221 20C222 21F222 22I222 23
I212121 24Pmm2 25Pmc21 26Pcc2 27
P m a2 28Pca21 29Pnc2 30Pmn21 31
P b a2 32Pna21 33Pnn2 34Cmm2 35
C m c21 36Ccc2 37Amm2 38Aem2 39
A m a2 40Aea2 41Fmm2 42Fdd2 43
I m m2 44Iba2 45Ima2 46Pmmm 47
P n n n 48Pccm 49Pban 50Pmma 51
P n n a 52Pmna 53Pcca 54Pbam 55
P c c n 56Pbcm 57Pnnm 58Pmmn 59
P b c n 60Pbca 61Pnma 62Cmcm 63
C m c e 64Cmmm 65Cccm 66Cmme 67
C c c e 68Fmmm 69Fddd 70Immm 71
I b a m 72Ibca 73Imma 74
P4 75P41 76P42 77P43 78
I4 79I41 80P-4 81I-4 82
P4/m 83P42/m 84P4/n 85P42/n 86
I4/m 87I41/a 88P422 89P4212 90
P4122 91P41212 92P4222 93P42212 94
P4322 95P43212 96I422 97I4122 98
P4mm 99P4bm 100P42cm 101P42nm 102
P4cc 103P4nc 104P42mc 105P42bc 106
I4mm 107I4cm 108I41md 109I41cd 110
P -42m 111P-42c 112P-421m 113P-421c 114
P -4 m2 115P-4c2 116P-4b2 117P-4n2 118
I -4 m2 119I-4c2 120I-42m 121I-42d 122
P4/mmm 123P4/mcc 124P4/nbm 125P4/nnc 126
P4/mbm 127P4/mnc 128P4/nmm 129P4/ncc 130
P42/mmc 131P42/mcm 132P42/nbc 133P42/nnm 134
P42/mbc 135P42/mnm 136P42/nmc 137P42/ncm 138
I4/mmm 139I4/mcm 140I41/amd 141I41/acd 142
P3 143P31 144P32 145R3 146
P -3 147R-3 148P312 149P321 150
P3112 151P3121 152P3212 153P3221 154
R32 155P3m1 156P31m 157P3c1 158
P31c 159R3m 160R3c 161P-31m 162
P -31c 163P-3m1 164P-3c1 165R-3m 166
R -3 c 167
P6 168P61 169P65 170P62 171
P64 172P63 173P-6 174P6/m 175
P63/m 176P622 177P6122 178P6522 179
P6222 180P6422 181P6322 182P6mm 183
P6cc 184P63cm 185P63mc 186P-6m2 187
P -6 c2 188P-62m 189P-62c 190P6/mmm 191
P6/mcc 192P63/mcm 193P63/mmc 194
P23 195F23 196I23 197P213 198
I213 199Pm-3 200Pn-3 201Fm-3 202
F d -3 203Im-3 204Pa-3 205Ia-3 206
P432 207P4232 208F432 209F4132 210
I432 211P4332 212P4132 213I4132 214
P -43m 215F-43m 216I-43m 217P-43n 218
F -43c 219I-43d 220Pm-3m 221Pn-3n 222
P m -3 n 223Pn-3m 224Fm-3m 225Fm-3c 226
F d -3 m 227Fd-3c 228Im-3m 229Ia-3d 230

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