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Section Representation of surfaces by dots

R. Diamonda*

aMRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QH, England
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Connolly (Langridge et al., 1981[link]; Connolly, 1983a[link],b[link]) represents surfaces by placing dots on the surface with an approximately uniform superficial density. Connolly's algorithm was developed to display solvent-accessible surfaces of macromolecules and provides for curved concave portions where surface atoms meet. Pearl & Honegger (1983[link]) have developed a similar algorithm, based on a grid, which generates only convex portions which meet in cusps, but is faster to compute than the Connolly surface. Bash et al. (1983[link]) have produced a van der Waals surface algorithm fast enough to permit real-time changes to the structure without tearing the surface.

It has become customary to use a dot representation to display computed surfaces, such as the surface at a van der Waals radius from atomic centres, and to use lines to represent experimentally determined surfaces, especially density contours.


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