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International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. C, ch. 7.3, p. 648

Section The electronic chain

P. Converta and P. Chieuxa

aInstitut Laue–Langevin, Avenue des Martyrs, BP 156X, F-38042 Grenoble CEDEX, France The electronic chain

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Each collected burst of electrons, corresponding to one captured neutron, will be successively amplified, identified (discriminated), and transformed to a well defined signal, by a chain of electronic devices that are represented in Fig.[link] . In the case of the gas detector, the complete electronic chain is generally contained in a grounded metallic box acting as an electrical shield. The detector is connected to this box via a coaxial cable as short as possible to avoid noise and parasitic capacitance. A high-voltage power supply feeds the detector anode through a filter. The charge-sensitive preamplifier contains a field-effect transistor (FET) to minimize the background noise, since, from the detector up to this stage, the electronic level is very low. At the output of the FET, the pulse corresponding to one neutron has an amplitude of about 20 mV. This pulse enters an operational amplifier with adjustable gain G, which delivers a signal of about 2 V, the analogue signal (ANA). The electronic pulse-rise time (0.5 to a few µs) is adapted to the detector electron-collecting time, i.e. its amplitude is roughly proportional to the number of electrons collected at the anode. The last part of the electronic chain is a discriminator with an adjustable threshold, followed by a trigger delivering a calibrated signal (e.g. +5/0 V), called the logic signal (LOG), which is sent to a scaler.


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Electronic chain following (a) an 3He gas detector and (b) a scintillation detector.

In the case of the scintillator, the photomultiplier ensures the conversion of light to electrons and produces a strongly amplified electronic signal that is processed through a discriminator and trigger as for the gas detector.

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