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Crystallography of biological macromolecules
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G. J. Kleywegta*

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The opinions as to what constitutes an error in a model vary somewhat in the community [compare Hooft et al. (1996[link]) and Jones et al. (1996[link]), for instance], but most people would agree that a crystallographic error is one that requires access to the experimental data for its verification, and whose correction alters the calculated structure factors (e.g. position, B factor, occupancy or scattering factors of one or more atoms). In addition to this, there are nomenclature rules and conventions to which a model that is made publicly available should adhere. Separate from this is the issue of the (more clerical) validation of public database entries (`PDB files'; Hooft et al., 1994[link], 1996[link]) which, while important to maintain the integrity of these databases, ultimately ought to be the responsibility of the database curators (Jones et al., 1996[link]; Keller et al., 1998[link]; Abola et al., 2000[link]).


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