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Volume F
Crystallography of biological macromolecules
Edited by M. G. Rossmann and E. Arnold

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. F. ch. 24.3, p. 665

Section Searching the CSD: Quest3D and ConQuest

F. H. Allena* and V. J. Hoya

aCambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 12 Union Road, Cambridge CB2 1EZ, England
Correspondence e-mail: Searching the CSD: Quest3D and ConQuest

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Quest3D has been the main search engine and information-retrieval program for the CSD since the late 1980s. Its main features are summarized below. However, since 1997, the CCDC has been developing its successor, the ConQuest program, which was first released as part of the CSD system in April 2000. During an interim period, perhaps two years, ConQuest and Quest3D will both form part of the released CSD system on certain computing platforms while the functionality of the new program is being fully developed. Further details of ConQuest are provided in Section[link], indicating in particular how it differs from, and improves upon, the facilities available in Quest3D.

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