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Volume F
Crystallography of biological macromolecules
Edited by M. G. Rossmann and E. Arnold

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H. M. Berman,a* J. Westbrook,a Z. Feng,a G. Gilliland,b T. N. Bhat,b H. Weissig,c I. N. Shindyalovc and P. E. Bourned

aDepartment of Chemistry, Rutgers University, 610 Taylor Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8087, USA,bNational Institute of Standards and Technology, Biotechnology Division, 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA,cSan Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0537, USA, and dDepartment of Pharmacology, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0537, USA
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ResourceInformation content
3Dee (Siddiqui & Barton, 1996[link]) Structural domain definitions
BMCD (Gilliland, 1988[link]) Crystallization information about biomacromolecules
CATH (Orengo et al., 1997[link]) Protein fold classification
CE (Shindyalov & Bourne, 1998[link]) Complete PDB and representative structure comparison and alignments
DSSP (Kabsch & Sander, 1983[link]) Secondary-structure classification
Enzyme Structures Database (Laskowski & Wallace, 1998[link]) Enzyme classifications and nomenclature
FSSP (Holm & Sander, 1998[link]) Structurally similar families
GRASS (Nayal et al., 1999[link]) Graphical representation and analysis
HSSP (Dodge et al., 1998[link]) Homology-derived secondary structures
Image (Sühnel, 1996[link]) Image library of biological macromolecules
MMDB (Hogue et al., 1996[link]) Database of three-dimensional structures
MEDLINE (National Library of Medicine, 1989[link]) Direct access to MEDLINE at NCBI
NDB (Berman et al., 1992[link]) Database of three-dimensional nucleic acid structures
PDBObs (Weissig et al., 1998[link]) Obsolete structures database
PDBSum (Laskowski et al., 1997[link]) Summary information about protein structures
SCOP (Murzin et al., 1995[link]) Structure classifications
STING (Neshich et al., 1998[link]) Simultaneous display of structural and sequence information
Tops (Westhead et al., 1998[link]) Protein structure motif comparisons topological diagrams
VAST (Gibrat et al., 1996[link]) Vector Alignment Search Tool (NCBI)
Whatcheck (Hooft et al., 1996[link]) Protein structure checks