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Volume G
Definition and exchange of crystallographic data
Edited by S. R. Hall and B. McMahon

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. G. ch. 3.3, p. 130

Appendix A3.3.1. Category structure of the powder CIF dictionary

B. H. Tobya*

aNIST Center for Neutron Research, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8562, USA
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Table A3.3.1.1[link] provides an overview of the structure of the powder CIF dictionary by informal category group.

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Categories in the powder CIF dictionary

Numbers in parentheses refer to the section of this chapter where each category is described in detail.

PD_BLOCK group (§3.3.7[link]) PD_MEAS group (§[link])
 PD_BLOCK (§3.3.7[link])  PD_DATA (part of category) (§[link](a))
PD_CALC group (§[link])  PD_MEAS_INFO (§[link](b))
 PD_CALC (§[link](b))  PD_MEAS_METHOD (§[link](c))
 PD_DATA (part of category) (§[link](a)) PD_PEAK group (§[link])
PD_CALIB group (§[link])  PD_PEAK (§[link](a))
 PD_CALIB (§[link](a))  PD_PEAK_METHOD (§[link](b))
 PD_CALIBRATION (§[link](b)) PD_PHASE group (§[link])
PD_CHAR group (§[link])  PD_PHASE (§[link])
 PD_CHAR (§[link](a)) PD_PREP group (§[link])
PD_DATA group  PD_PREP (§[link](b))
_pd_calc_* items (§[link](a)) PD_PROC group (§[link])
_pd_instr_var_illum_len  PD_DATA (part of category) (§[link](a))
  (§[link](d))  PD_PROC_INFO (§[link](b))
_pd_meas_* items (§[link](a))  PD_PROC_LS (§[link](c))
_pd_proc_* items (§[link](a)) PD_SPEC group (§[link])
PD_INSTR group (§[link])  PD_SPEC (§[link])
 PD_DATA (part of category) (§[link](d)) REFLN group (§[link])
 PD_INSTR (§[link](c))  REFLN (§[link])

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