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Electron diffraction and electron microscopy in structure determination
Cowley, J. M., Spence, J. C. H., Tanaka, M., Vainshtein, B. K., Zvyagin, B. B., Penczek, P. A. and Dorset, D. L.  International Tables for Crystallography (2010). Vol. B, ch. 2.5, pp. 297-402 [ doi:10.1107/97809553602060000767 ]
... electron diffraction and reflection electron diffraction are not considered. Following a brief review of the history of the subject and its ... Unlike X-rays, which diffract from the electron density in a crystal, electrons are scattered elastically by the Coulomb potential, which ... X-rays and have much smaller wavelengths. (This leads to a very `flat' Ewald sphere and the simultaneous excitation of ...

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