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Volume A
Space-group symmetry
Edited by M. I. Aroyo

International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A. ch. 1.3, p. 30


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Right-coset decomposition of [{\cal G}] relative to [{\cal T}]

[\ispecialfonts{\sfi W}_1 = {\sfi e}][\ispecialfonts{\sfi W}_2][ \ispecialfonts{\sfi W}_3][\ldots][\ispecialfonts{\sfi W}_{[i]}]
[\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_1] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_1 {\sfi W}_2] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_1 {\sfi W}_3] [\ldots ] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_1 {\sfi W}_{[i]}]
[\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_2] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_2 {\sfi W}_2] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_2 {\sfi W}_3] [\ldots ] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_2 {\sfi W}_{[i]}]
[\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_3] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_3 {\sfi W}_2] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_3 {\sfi W}_3] [\ldots ] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_3 {\sfi W}_{[i]}]
[\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_4] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_4 {\sfi W}_2] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_4 {\sfi W}_3] [\ldots ] [\ispecialfonts{\sfi t}_4 {\sfi W}_{[i]}]
[\vdots] [\vdots] [\vdots]   [\vdots]