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Section Flotation method

F. M. Richardsa Flotation method

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Although historically used much earlier, this technique is essentially an approximation to the gradient-tube method. The specimen is immersed in a liquid, and a denser or less dense liquid miscible with the first is added until the sample neither rises nor sinks in the solution (Wulff & Heigl, 1931[link]).The density of the immersion medium is then determined immediately by standard techniques such as pycnometry, by the Westphal balance, or by refractive index (Midgley, 1951[link]). The method is reported as capable of a probable accuracy as great as 0.02%.

The compounds listed in Table[link] are also useful in this method. With slurries or with specimens smaller than 1 mm3, a centrifuge must be used to achieve a reasonable rate of settling. As little as 0.05 mg of material has been used with good results (Bernal & Crowfoot, 1934[link]). A modification of this method has been described in which the density of the immersion medium is varied by altering the temperature (Reilly & Rae, 1954[link]; Wunderlich, 1957[link]).


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