International Tables for Crystallography

Volume I: X-ray absorption spectroscopy and related techniques

First online edition (2020)   ISBN: 978-1-119-43394-1

Edited by C. T. Chantler, F. Boscherini and B. Bunker

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This comprehensive new volume of International Tables for Crystallography, which is being produced in consultation with members of the IUCr Commission on XAFS and the International X-ray Absorption Society (IXAS), will feature over 100 chapters contributed by experts in the field. Several of these contributions are now available online as early view chapters.

The full volume will cover a wide range of topics including theory, experimental methods, pre-processing and analysis of experimental data, software, data exchange, and applications. A particular driving force for the production of this volume has been to aid in the development and acceptance of standards and criteria in XAFS measurements and analysis. It also aims to foster the growth of common understanding at experimental facilities for XAFS at synchrotron sources and will provide invaluable material for courses on XAFS.

The volume has been written with both experienced practitioners and beginners in mind, and the inclusion of a wide range of applications will also appeal to many readers working in industry.