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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D. ch. 1.11, p. 275


V. E. Dmitrienko,a* A. Kirfelb and E. N. Ovchinnikovac

a A. V. Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, Leninsky pr. 59, Moscow 119333, Russia,bSteinmann Institut der Universität Bonn, Poppelsdorfer Schloss, Bonn, D-53115, Germany, and cFaculty of Physics, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow 119991, Russia
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Coefficients [\gamma] corresponding to various kinds of tensor symmetry with respect to space inversion [{\bar 1}], rotations [R], and time reversal [1^{\prime}]

Tensor type Example Transformation type
[R] [{\bar 1}R] [1^{\prime}R] [\bar 1^{\prime}R]
Even Strain 1 1 1 1
Electric Electric field 1 −1 1 −1
Magnetic Magnetic field 1 1 −1 −1
Magnetoelectric Toroidal moment 1 −1 −1 1