Tables for
Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D. ch. 1.11, p. 272


V. E. Dmitrienko,a* A. Kirfelb and E. N. Ovchinnikovac

a A. V. Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, Leninsky pr. 59, Moscow 119333, Russia,bSteinmann Institut der Universität Bonn, Poppelsdorfer Schloss, Bonn, D-53115, Germany, and cFaculty of Physics, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow 119991, Russia
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The indices of the forbidden reflections and corresponding tensors of structure factors [F_{jk}(hk\ell)] for the cubic space groups ([n = 0, \pm 1, \pm 2,\ldots])

Space group Indices of reflections Expressions for [F_{jk}(hk\ell)] and additional restrictions
[P2_13] [00\ell{:}\ \ell=2n+1] ([link]
[Pn\bar3] [0k\ell{:}\ \ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell]
[Fd\bar3] [0k\ell{:}\ k,\ell=2n, k+\ell=4n+2] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell]
[Pa\bar3] [0k\ell{:}\ k=2n+1] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [0k0]
[Ia\bar3] [0k\ell{:}\ k,\ell=2n+1] ([link]
[P4_232] [00\ell{:}\ \ell=2n+1] ([link]
[F4_132] [00\ell{:}\ \ell=4n+2] ([link]
[P4_332] [00\ell{:}\ \ell=4n\pm 1] ([link]; [F_2=\mp iF_1]
  [00\ell{:}\ \ell=4n+2] ([link]
[P1_332] [00\ell{:}\ \ell=4n\pm 1] ([link]; [F_2=\pm iF_1]
  [00\ell{:}\ \ell=4n+2] ([link]
[I4_132] [00\ell{:}\ \ell=4n+2] ([link]
[P\bar43n] [hh\ell{:}\ \ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell], [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
[F\bar43c] [hh\ell{:}\ h,\ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
[I\bar43d] [hh\ell{:}\ 2h+\ell=4n+2] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell], [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
[Pn\bar3n] [hh\ell{:}\ \ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
  [0k\ell{:}\ k+\ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_1=F_2=0] for [00\ell]
[Pm\bar3n] [hh\ell{:}\ \ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
[Pn\bar3m] [0k\ell{:}\ k+\ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell]
[Fm\bar3c] [hh\ell{:}\ h,\ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
[Fd\bar3m] [0k\ell{:}\ k,\ell=2n,k+\ell=4n+2] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell]
[Fd\bar3c] [0k\ell{:}\ k,\ell=2n,k+\ell=4n+2] ([link]; [F_2=0] for [00\ell]
  [hh\ell{:}\ h,\ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_1=F_2=0] for [hhh]
[Ia\bar3d] [0k\ell{:}\ k,\ell=2n+1] ([link]; [F_2=-F_1] for [0kk]
  [hh\ell{:}\ 4h+\ell=4n+2] ([link]; [hhh]: [F_1=F_2=0], [F_2=0] for [00\ell]