International Tables for Crystallography

Guided tour

International Tables Online contains all nine volumes of International Tables for Crystallography as pdfs and richly interlinked html.

Navigating through the volumes is quick and easy. The dark green banner at the top of each page [view the home page for Volume A] can be used to move rapidly between the volumes 1 and offers a simple full-text search facility 2. Any one of the 1100 tables of symmetry data within International Tables can be retrieved directly from the home page for the volume using the drop-down menus 3.

Concise contents lists [view a contents list] provide links to full chapters and the main sections of chapters. More detailed contents lists are available for each individual chapter 4 or for an entire volume 5, providing links to every section, table and figure in every chapter [view an individual figure]. In this way, finding the data or article you need within the 6000 pages of International Tables is simply a matter of a couple of clicks of the mouse.


The html pages for each of the 300 chapters within International Tables Online have several useful features [view a chapter]. The text of each chapter is enhanced with links from citations within the text to the full references. Numerous links to other articles, tables, figures or equations within International Tables and to external websites are also provided. Important points such as examples and theorems are highlighted. Pdfs of the whole chapter or of individual sections, tables or figures can also be downloaded 6 [view a pdf of a table]. It is possible to move rapidly around each chapter using the chapter contents list 7 [view a chapter contents list] or to find key terms within the chapter using the chapter index 8 [view a chapter index], which provides links back to the exact point(s) in the text at which a term is mentioned. All other International Tables articles cited in the present chapter are also listed as related articles 9 [view a list of related articles]. The previous and next buttons at the top of each page 10 can also be used to move back or forwards through the volume, much as one might read a printed book.


The tables of symmetry data [view a space-group table] have the additional advantage of hyperlinks between space groups and their sub- or supergroups 11. The `information' button help at the top of each page of space-group data leads to an online guide to the meaning of all the items on the page [view the space-group help page]. The guide includes links to articles in International Tables that provide more details about each item. Each table of symmetry data can also be downloaded as a pdf 12 [view a pdf of a space-group table].


The advanced search facility (reached through the link at the foot of every page) enables sophisticated searches to be performed across all the volumes, across selected volumes and across International Tables Online and Crystallography Journals Online [view the advanced search facility]. Searches can be across the full text of the volumes or can be restricted to chapter titles, section titles, authors, abstracts or keywords [view the results of the search].

The text and tables within International Tables Online are supported by a number of resources (such as all seven CIF dictionaries in pdf and html formats) [view the powder CIF dictionary] and interactive features. The interactive version buttons lead to tables of data that have been converted to easy-to-use look-up tables from which individual values can be retrieved using drop-down menus [use an interactive table], and in some cases ranges of values can be chosen and plotted against each other [plot values from an interactive table].

(This guided tour is also available as a PowerPoint presentation).

New editions of volumes within International Tables Online

New editions of the volumes comprising International Tables are added to International Tables Online on a regular basis. It is possible to move quickly between different editions of volumes using the links provided near the top of each page. For example, the red number 1 in the line International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. B, ch. 2.5, pp. 276-345 | 1 | 2 | indicates that current page is from the first online edition of Volume B but a newer online edition is available; clicking on the number 2 will display the equivalent article from the second online edition.

Plans for the future

International Tables Online has been designed to be easy to update and extend in order to ensure that it continues to be the definitive resource and reference work for crystallography. The online version of the volumes will contain more data and features than the print editions. The number of resources available as part of International Tables Online will be extended in new editions to include space-group tables for more nonstandard settings, interactive space-group diagrams, more interactive tables of data, links to related databases and software, and the ability to download data in CIF or XML formats.

Sample chapters from International Tables Online


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International Tables Online is available as a full set of all nine volumes through Wiley.